Visibility of Submissions

To encourage the participation of groups that may be discouraged by the public visibility of potentially poor results, the leaderboards display only the tags of the top-three ranked participants for each dataset. The other lower ranked algorithms are not listed in the leaderboards, but the participants are informed about the absolute performance of their algorithms. In any case, the absolute performance of their algorithms is integrated into the rankings only after providing the challenge organizers with the explicit permission to do so and with a description of the algorithms employed, including the details on parameter configurations used and training protocols followed, if any. Upon request, the participant’s page can contain a complete table with the performance of a particular method for all datasets analyzed, a zip archive with the validated software executables, and a link to a repository with the source codes of the particular method. To make the particular method reusable as much as possible, we encourage the participants to follow these guidelines:

Guidelines for submission reusability.pdf