Andrew Cohen – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Drexel University, PA, USA



Andrew Cohen (andrew.r.cohen@drexel.edu)




Additional information

For the initial submission of the results using the leverjs software tools, all parameters were set by eye based only on the testing data. No optimization was done using the training data for parameter selection. All datasets were processed using the same segmentation, tracking and lineaging algorithms and implementation. The exact parameters for each dataset can be found at https://leverjs.net/ctc2019 under the algorithms tab. The lever.js entry is currently being reworked with performance optimizations and to make use of the training data for optimizing the parameters. The latest version of leverjs can be downloaded from https://leverjs.net/git, whereas the version used for the initial submission can be found here. Since the challenge submission, bugs might have been fixed and improvements might have been made, and therefore the tracking results may not be exactly the same as for the executables used in the challenge.