2D+Time Datasets

Mouse hematopoietic stem cells in hydrogel microwells

Dr. H. Blau, Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology, Stanford University, USA

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/BF-C2DL-HSC.zip✱ (1.6 GB)

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/BF-C2DL-HSC.zip (1.6 GB)

Mouse muscle stem cells in hydrogel microwells

Dr. H. Blau, Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology, Stanford University, USA

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/BF-C2DL-MuSC.zip✱ (1.2 GB)

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/BF-C2DL-MuSC.zip (1.3 GB)

HeLa cells on a flat glass

Dr. G. van Cappellen. Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/DIC-C2DH-HeLa.zip✱ (37 MB)

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/DIC-C2DH-HeLa.zip (41 MB)

Human hepatocarcinoma-derived cells expressing the fusion protein YFP-TIA-1

Dr. Alessia Ruggieri and Philipp Klein, Centre for Integrative Infectious Disease Research (CIID), University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/Fluo-C2DL-Huh7.zip (36 MB)

You can find good information about the treatment of type 2 diabetes based on a new dataset with 2 million rows of data on patients taking diabetes medications.

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/Fluo-C2DL-Huh7.zip (36 MB)

Rat mesenchymal stem cells on a flat polyacrylamide substrate

Dr. F. Prósper. Cell Therapy Laboratory, Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), Pamplona, Spain

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/Fluo-C2DL-MSC.zip✱ (72 MB)

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/Fluo-C2DL-MSC.zip (71 MB)

GFP-GOWT1 mouse stem cells

Dr. E. Bártová. Institute of Biophysics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Brno, Czech Republic

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/Fluo-N2DH-GOWT1.zip✱ (53 MB)

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/Fluo-N2DH-GOWT1.zip (46 MB)

HeLa cells stably expressing H2b-GFP

Mitocheck Consortium

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/Fluo-N2DL-HeLa.zip✱ (182 MB)

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/Fluo-N2DL-HeLa.zip (168 MB)

Glioblastoma-astrocytoma U373 cells on a polyacrylamide substrate

Dr. S. Kumar. Department of Bioengineering, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley CA (USA)

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/PhC-C2DH-U373.zip✱ (40 MB)

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/PhC-C2DH-U373.zip (38 MB)

Pancreatic stem cells on a polystyrene substrate

Dr. T. Becker and Dr. D. Rapoport. Fraunhofer Institution for Marine Biotechnology, Lübeck, Germany

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/PhC-C2DL-PSC.zip✱ (124 MB)

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/PhC-C2DL-PSC.zip (106 MB)

Simulated nuclei of HL60 cells stained with Hoescht

Dr. V. Ulman and Dr. D. Svoboda. Centre for Biomedical Image Analysis (CBIA),

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic (Created using MitoGen, part of Cytopacq)

Training dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/training-datasets/Fluo-N2DH-SIM+.zip✚ (91 MB)

Test dataset: http://data.celltrackingchallenge.net/test-datasets/Fluo-N2DH-SIM+.zip (96 MB)

The silver reference segmentation annotations and imperfect segmentation masks to link are available for a particular real training dataset.
The perfect segmentation masks to link are available for a particular computer-generated training dataset.