Submission of Results

The challenge currently accepts segmentation-and-tracking and segmentation-only submissions to the Cell Tracking Benchmark and the Cell Segmentation Benchmark, respectively. The submissions to any of the included benchmarks are categorized into regular and generalizable submissions depending on the set of datasets analyzed and the limitations on training data configurations posed. To reduce the number of resubmissions of the same results to different benchmarks, segmentation-and-tracking submissions to the Cell Tracking Benchmark are automatically transferred to the Cell Segmentation Benchmark, and best-scoring, generalizability results are treated as regular submissions too, as detailed below.

Only registered participants can upload new submissions for evaluation. New submissions must be uploaded at the challenge FTP server (ftps:// on the port number 21 with explicit TSL/SSL encryption enabled), meet the pre-evaluation requirements given, and comply with the guidelines described in the following two documents:

Submission of results and executables.pdf

Naming and file content conventions.pdf

New submissions are evaluated on a monthly basis by processing all submissions received within a particular calendar month. The evaluation is performed on multi-core servers with at least 128 GB of RAM, running either Microsoft Windows or GNU-derived Linux operating systems and being equipped with at least one NVIDIA A100 GPU card with 80 GB of RAM. The challenge organizers reserve the right to exclude results from the evaluation, the validation of which takes more than a few days using the mentioned servers.

After the evaluation of new submissions is completed, the participants are informed about the performance scores achieved. Upon the explicit approval given by the participants and meeting the post-evaluation requirements given, the evaluated submissions, including their complete scorings, are made publicly available on the challenge website.

Cell Tracking Benchmark (regular submissions)


Cell Tracking Benchmark (generalizable submissions)


Cell Segmentation Benchmark (regular submissions)


Cell Segmentation Benchmark (generalizable submissions)