Cell Tracking Benchmark

The following table presents the best three results for every dataset in terms of OPCTB, SEG, and TRA measures, respectively. Refer to Evaluation Methodology for an explanation of these measures and to Participants for a detailed description of individual algorithms.

2022-06-01: The submission AC (5) renamed to BGU-IL (5). The generalizable submissions transferred.
2022-03-14: New submissions KIT-Loe-GE and MPI-Br-GE (2) included.
2021-12-22: New submission JAN-US included. The submission DESU-US updated. The submission ND-US renamed to ND-US (1).
2021-10-22: New submission AC (5) included. The submission KIT-Sch-GE (2) updated.
2021-08-13: The submission DREX-US updated.
2021-05-09: The submissions DESU-US and KIT-Sch-GE (2) updated.
2021-04-28: New submission IGFL-FR included.
2021-04-13: All ISBI 2021 secondary track submissions included. The submissions KIT-Sch-GE and MU-US renamed to KIT-Sch-GE (1) and MU-US (1).
2021-02-01: The submission HIT-Ya-CN updated.
2021-01-15: The submission PURD-US updated.
2020-11-15: New submission USYD-AU included.
2020-06-05: The submission RWTH-GE split into RWTH-GE (1), RWTH-GE (2), and RWTH-GE (3).
2020-04-03: All ISBI 2020 submissions included.
2020-02-12: The submission UVA-NL updated.
2020-01-27: New submission PURD-US included.
2019-12-19: New submission UVA-NL included. The submission MU-Lux-CZ updated.
2019-11-30: The scores for Fluo-N3DH-CE and Fluo-N3DL-DRO updated.
2019-09-02: The submission MU-Lux-CZ updated.
2019-07-15: The submission MU-Lux-CZ updated.
2019-06-28: The submission DREX-US updated.
2019-04-30: The submission HIT-CN updated.
2019-04-08: All ISBI 2019 submissions included.
2019-02-19: The submission HIT-CN updated.
2019-02-07: The submission TUG-AT updated.
2019-01-07: New submission HIT-CN included.
2018-10-15: New submission BGU-IL (4) included.
2018-08-07: The submission AC (3) renamed to BGU-IL (3).
2018-08-06: New submission FR-Fa-GE included. The submission CVUT-CZ updated.
2018-06-14: New submission AC (3) included.
2018-05-30: The submissions BGU-IL, AC (1), and AC (2) renamed to BGU-IL (1), BGU-IL (2), and TUG-AT, respectively.
2018-03-01: The submission AC (1) updated.
2018-02-24: New submission AC (2) included.
2018-02-05: New submission AC (1) included.
2018-01-25: New submission CVUT-CZ included.
2017-07-18: New submission BGU-IL included.
2017-02-21: The tracking benchmark opened for online submissions.

*The previous leaderboards can be accessed via clicking on the date of individual records.