Submission of Results

General Instructions

Please upload your results at the challenge FTP server (ftps:// on the port number 21 with explicit TSL/SSL encryption enabled). The results and software executables must comply with the guidelines described in the following two documents:

Submission of results and executables.pdf

Naming and file content conventions.pdf

Cell Tracking Benchmark

The submissions for the Cell Tracking Benchmark are evaluated monthly -starting March 1st, 2017- using a workstation with 32 GB of RAM running Microsoft Windows, or a GNU-derived Linux operating system. The results for the ISBI 2019 datasets, released on December 20th, 2018, will initially be accepted until March 1st, 2019, announced at ISBI 2019 and then published on the website.

Cell Segmentation Benchmark

The submissions for the Cell Segmentation Benchmark will initially be evaluated according to the ISBI 2019 challenge schedule and announced at the corresponding ISBI 2019 challenge workshop. The hardware requirements are the same as for the Cell Tracking Benchmark. The ISBI 2019 challenge schedule is as follows:

October 15th, 2018The challenge is accepted and open for registration and evaluation for already existing training and challenge datasets and ground truth for the training datasets, available through the website (ISBI 2013-2015 datasets)
October 25th, 2018New website is launched, self-evaluation software provided, initial leaderboard published based on the performance of previously available methods, advertising started
November 30th, 2018
December 20th, 2018
The training dataset, including its ground truth, and the challenge dataset for the new embryonic image data (Fluo-N3DL-TRIC) is released to all registered participants
March 1st, 2019Deadline for submitting results and algorithm implementations, including detailed descriptions of the approaches and parameters used
April 8th, 2019ISBI 2019 Challenge Workshop
May-June 2019Verification of the results submitted by re-running the respective algorithms on our evaluation server.
July-August 2019Paper writing.

Please note that participants can submit their results anytime before the deadline but only once. For example, if they want to publish the method earlier, the organizers provide the service of earlier benchmarking and providing the participants with their scores (to be compared to the initial leaderboard) but the next submission (of an improved method) will be possible only after ISBI 2019.